Welcome to Samrat Prithvi Raj Chauhan (P.G.) Mahavidyalya, Affiliated to H. N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar (Garhwal) Uttarakhand.


My best wishes for new academic session. There are so many concerns related to education, teaching, discipline and college issues etc.

“In this session, I would like to express my ideas about discipline and its importance in our lives. I have felt so many very touching events related to discipline. Most of our students are related to nuclear family now-a-days. But in past times, our society has joint family pattern in which each member of joint family learn act of living life through discipline. They knew that discipline is everything which we do in right way in right time. Discipline leads us on the right path".

Today, nobody teaches us any lesson related to importance of discipline in our life. Reason behind this is also that we are living fast running life. This shows an adverse effect on life of students.
Now I think that discipline plays a very important role in life of students. Through discipline students can easily achieve their goals. I met so many successful personalities in my life; they all got their goals only by a disciplined life.

So, it is my advice to all students and parents to make their life disciplined and teach advantages of discipline for a successful life.

Dr. Pooran Singh Chauhan

All of us do not equal talent.

& but all of us have equal Oppotunity to develop our Talent

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Samrat Prithvi Raj Chauhan (P.G.) Mahavidyalya